School Attendance Increases

Statistics that illustrate the problems of education and school attendance we seek to address:

  • In South Sacramento, two of five adults (40.5%) aged 25 and up do not have a high school diploma.
  • In Sacramento County, 62% of students do not feel connected to their school.
  • In Sacramento County, 37% of 4th graders fail to meet English & Language Arts Standards
  • 58% of all Sacramento County 8th graders are not enrolled in Algebra
  • In Sacramento County, only 12% of white 10th graders fail the CA High School State Exit Exam, while 33% of African American, 29% of Latino, and 18% of Asian American 10th graders failed the same exam.

Information Sources:
Children Now
Sacramento County 2010 Scorecard
2009 Sac Census Projections
Cal Dept. of Education Data Quest

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